Dietary supplements – do you know enough about them?

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Supplements have recently become a real hit among people who follow dietary trends and try to live healthy. Such an addition to complete meals and physical activity can be a good way to improve your health situation, provided that it is consulted with a doctor or dietician

Taking supplements without first doing some basic research can cause your mood and health to deteriorate. Check how to adjust supplements to your individual needs

What are dietary supplements?

Dietary supplements are food products that are supposed to supplement our daily diet with appropriate vitamins and minerals. They often also contain healthy fatty acids, probiotics, amino acids and lecithin. Properly tailored supplements can have many health-promoting benefits, as complete nutrition is one of the key pillars of a healthy lifestyle. Taking these types of supplements can improve our test results, improve memory, concentration, and improve immunity

What kind of supplements to choose?

There are supplements on the market which can be divided into two groups

  • synthetic – are produced in the process of chemical synthesis. They are usually cheaper than natural supplements;
  • natural – obtained from natural resources, such as fruit, vegetable, herbal or mineral extracts. Natural supplements are certainly safer for the body, and their absorption is better

Depending on the needs of our body, we can provide it with minerals or vitamins through supplements. Often this type of dietary supplementation is a combination of different ingredients, among which you can find: unsaturated fatty acids, enzymes, probiotics and amino acids. A large group of people ingest supplements to aid in the process of weight loss and slimming. However, some try to use them to improve their vitality and sense of sight, strengthen their hair, skin or nails. People who are professionally active in sports take supplements tailored to their profession and their body’s needs

What should be taken into account when choosing a dietary supplement?

The choice of dietary supplements should be very carefully adjusted to the needs of our body. A great solution is to use the offer of companies that prepare individual portions of supplements on the basis of presented research results. This is a great method, thanks to which we can be sure that the preparations we take are actually needed, because they are supposed to support the work of our internal organs, not just burden them. It is worth noting again that poorly selected supplements, that is products taken without consultation with a specialist can damage our health

An excellent method, which will give us certainty that we are doing the right thing by taking additional foodstuffs in our diet, is to make an appointment with a dietician. Usually, the appointment should be preceded by basic tests, such as a blood count or urinalysis. It may turn out that any deficiencies or insufficiencies are better corrected with slight changes in diet. A proper menu, regular meals prepared from vegetables and fruits can have a very positive impact on our health

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