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Year after year, the e-commerce market seems to be overtaking the direct sales market, which in terms of running a company online has a long, long tradition and history.

Why shouldn’t it surprise us? If only because the agencies that are building this new marketing are doing their services efficiently, affordably and with attention to newer and newer trends. Competitors like SEO in New York or Atlanta SEO agency are market experts who have led the expansion of e-commerce. Additionally, many entrepreneurs have already tried a ux audit website and as a result, their websites are attracting more and more customers. What’s more, it turns out that the huge number of advantages of trading online is displacing direct sales in many markets, and this is not without reason. Customers appreciate the ease of shopping and the ability to compare prices of a particular service or item from multiple suppliers, and entrepreneurs appreciate the ease of entering a new business, as there is no need to rent expensive premises or hire employees for direct service. However, not everything is colorful. There are thousands of beauty stores on the web, so what should you do to make yours by far the most popular among them? Start with positioning.

Why is it worth positioning?

Most Internet users are looking for new stores usually by using Google search engine. It contains virtually all websites that can be indexed, including those that were published on the network literally hours or days before. An Internet user, when searching for a particular thing, usually browses a maximum of 1-2 listing pages, each of which contains 10 organic results. What does this mean? It means that you will make profits from Google search only if your website is on the first two pages of SERP. A fresh website usually lands at the bottom of the SERPs, which means that you will not make any measurable profits from this source.

This is the reason why it is worth opting for SEO with agencies like SEO in New York or Atlanta SEO agency, thanks to which your cosmetics store can eventually appear very high in the search results, or listing, known in the professional environment as SERP (Search Engine Results Page). Atlanta SEO agency aims at the first page of results, some of them, however, with a sufficiently large budget, may even offer a TOP3 position; it’s mainly SEO in New York work-flow. Unfortunately, in the case of cosmetics it is very difficult. On the market there are many companies in this industry, which have basically unlimited funds allocated for positioning, which may require disproportionately large resources in relation to effects. Sometimes it is better to be a bit lower, saving a lot of cash.

Three stages of positioning

There are three basic stages in positioning, thanks to which your cosmetics store can get a very high position in Google search. All of them are very important in terms of results, so skipping any of the stages can lead to many unpleasant consequences.

The first stage is the SEO audit, thanks to which the agency is able to get acquainted with the state of your site and assess the preparation of an optimal strategy for it. Many beginners forget about SEO audit, which is a very big mistake that is rated as one of the most serious by professional SEOs. Why? Because preparing a strategy without knowing the requirements of a particular website is wandering in the fog.

The second stage is to make changes in the source code of the website. This process is multistage and may require even several hundred steps. Only if all of them are fulfilled, it may give optimal results. That is why professional experience of teams consisting of positioners, programmers and copywriters is so important.

The last, but equally important stage, is acquiring a sufficiently large number of backlinks to the website. Until recently it was enough to go for quantity and place backlinks on as many domains as possible, whereas nowadays quality counts. Links should absolutely always be placed on websites with a good reputation. Here should be a fourth step explaining why You need to take care of UX, but it’s a complex topic for a separate article. For now we recommend you visit the ux audit website of one of the available agencies on the market. 

The positioning process includes:

  • matching keywords to the content of the sub-page,
  • speeding up your website,
  • improving the rejection rate and increasing the time spent on the page,
  • Visit an ux audit website of well-rated agency,
  • speeding up the whole website,
  • and many, many more.

Stationary cosmetics store is also worth positioning

Do you have a stationary store with cosmetics? No problem, then it is worth using local positioning. Standard positioning for the whole country is based on typical key phrases without regionalization, such as:

  • avon foundation beige,
  • face cream 45,
  • tanning cosmetics are cheap.

These are key phrases that will be displayed to any internet user typing them into Google search box. It is worth having your website among the results if your main goal is to sell online. The situation looks different if you run a stationery store, then the key phrases should look like this:

  • care cosmetics Warsaw,
  • color cosmetics store Poznan,
  • hair dyes Wrocław.

In this case, the key phrases relate to a specific town, region or province. It is worth setting up a business card in Google Business so that your stationary store also appears in Google maps. Thanks to this, visibility will increase significantly.

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  • Gregory Roy 11.08.2022

    When I first heard about the positioning stationary cosmetics store, I was very surprised. So far, it had seemed to me that positioning works only in the case of online stores. Therefore, I was quite skeptical about it, even though I have always been curious about  SEO. However, many friends recommended this solution, so I finally decided to give it a try. Now I can say that it was the right decision. Local SEO allowed me to reach new customers, and increase the recognition of my brand.