How should thin hair be cared for?

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Every woman dreams of having beautiful and abundant hair. Unfortunately, not many women are blessed with such an abundance. How do you best take care of thin hair?

Most women have a complex about thin hair. They think thin hair is a nuisance. It is hard to create an attractive hairstyle and it does not look good undone. Taking good care of thin hair is all that is needed to get it looking its best

Look after your diet

If your body is in poor condition, if you are ill, if you do not drink enough water and if your diet is not up to scratch, your hair will look worse not only on your body but also on your hair. Therefore, it is worth ensuring that the food we eat every day is rich in vitamins B12, B6, E, protein and omega 3 acids. A few times a week it is also good to serve ourselves fish

Proper Care is essential

What you shampoo your hair with is very important for thin hair. It is best to choose shampoos, which give your hair more body and volume. It is best to choose cosmetics with a good composition, which will additionally strengthen your hair. It is better to avoid hair care products with oils, which could weigh them down and make them look even smaller

The choice of conditioner is also important. It is best to choose liquid conditioners and always apply them to the length of your hair, not against your scalp. Leave-in conditioners are not a good choice because they can also be ‘too heavy’ and weigh down your hair

Massage and Scrub Your Hair Regularly

We often scrub our face and body but it turns out that it is a good idea to scrub our scalp as well. You can scrub your hair yourself or use ready-made products. Massaging in the cosmetic not only removes dead skin, but above all, stimulates hair to grow faster

Brush your hair regularly and correctly

It turns out that most of us do not comb our hair properly. We usually pull the brush from the roots to the ends. And the correct way is to comb your hair from the middle first and then all the way through. This way you do not pull and tug on your hair, which weakens it even more. Fine hair also requires a suitable brush with natural bristles. Why is this important? The soft material will not damage your hair or break it while brushing

Don’t forget to visit your hair stylist

There is a common misconception that if you want to grow your hair, you should skip the haircut. This is a big mistake. Regular trimming of the hair ends strengthens the hair strands. Regular trimming of the ends strengthens the hair and adds volume to your hair. The bob is an interesting and stylish hairstyle. If you want long hair, go for the classic straight cut. A mane or the so-called circle cut also adds volume to your hair.

The Proper Colouring and Powder Work Miracles

Ladies love to change their hair color. Today, hardly any adult woman wears her natural hair colour. When colouring your hair, make sure to choose a good ammonia-free dye, which will not weaken your hair even more. Choosing the right shade of hair may also make it look like there is more hair. It is certainly best to avoid very dark colors and light browns or highlights

Getting rid of Old Habits

With fine hair it is important to consider which of your daily habits may be detrimental to your hair. Do you like to sleep with your hair loose? This is a mistake. When you sleep with your hair loose, it tangles and gets caught in the zipper of your pillow. In the morning, you have to work hard to untangle your hair. Experts recommend using a light braid before going to bed

Another bad habit is regularly using styling tools that harm your hair such as a hot air dryer, curling iron or flat iron. When used occasionally, they don’t harm your hair, but if you use them daily, they do


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