Sweatpants sets – how to style them?

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Tracksuits are something that probably every woman has at home. No wonder, as they are incredibly comfortable. Sweatpants are becoming more and more popular and are becoming a favorite style for everyday wear. But can they also be worn for occasions other than sitting at home in front of the TV? In this article, you will learn how to style your sweatpants ensemble to look good. 

Choose a tracksuit in the right color

Tracksuit bottoms have many names, or rather colors. It’s a good idea to think about the right colour before you go shopping. Think about what colors you feel most comfortable in. Do you like colors? Or maybe you feel best in black? Or maybe you feel like wearing a snow-white set? It’s a good idea to buy two different sets, for example black and coloured. This will give you variety in your closet.

How to choose sweatpants according to your figure?

It is worth choosing sweatpants according to your figure. Then you will be able to wear them comfortably and look great. Figure with an apple shape should wear pants with a high waist and tapered legs. This will slim your figure and make your legs look longer. Pear-shaped women should wear sweatpants with slightly wider legs and avoid models with large pockets. Hourglass figures, on the other hand, can afford to be more crazy, as any type of pants should fit them.

Match with the right shoes 

The shoes you choose will determine how your whole outfit looks. Sneakers are a classic option. A colourful track suit looks great with white sneakers on a slightly higher sole. On the other hand, pair the black ensemble with your favorite colorful sports shoes. This way, you can liven up your outfit.

You can also match tracksuit bottoms with moccasins and espadrilles. Choose moccasins with gold or silver elements, because they will break up the sporty look of your tracksuit. Espadrilles are a great summer option. 

What bag to choose?

If you already know what shoes to pair with your tracksuit set, now it’s time to choose a handbag. There are several options, and each one is good. If you’ve worn sneakers or espadrilles, it’s worth thinking about a shopper bag. This one has the big plus of being packable – you can fit food for work or even your laptop in it. Moccasins, on the other hand, will look better with a small, elegant handbag. It may be on a chain, which will break the casual look.

Does the coat go well with a tracksuit set?

This question is difficult to answer unequivocally. It all depends on what kind of set you have and what coat you plan to wear. A safe option is to wear a short jacket or a denim katana with the tracksuit. Here, in both cases, you will be sure that everything fits together.

main photo: unsplash.com/Sinitta Leunen

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