What issues affect a healthy appearance in the winter?

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Winter is the time of year when our skin, hair and nails are exposed to extremely low temperatures. We get much less sunlight, and thus – produced a smaller amount of vitamin D so important to health. Skin can crack when exposed to the cold and hair becomes brittle and dry. How to look healthy and radiant in the winter?

First of all, take action!

Prevention is essential. If it is effective, we will not have to struggle with unpleasant consequences. Take care of appropriate clothing that will protect you from cooling, and thus from various infections and diseases of the upper respiratory tract, which in the autumn and winter are very common. A warm jacket, hat, scarf and gloves are a must. In addition to reducing the risk of colds, bronchitis or even pneumonia, they also prevent our sensitive skin from being exposed to low temperatures

If the temperature drops below zero, our skin can dry out and crack painfully. Moisturizing creams and lipsticks should be an absolute necessity for every person who wants to maintain a healthy and attractive appearance in winter. Let’s also remember about our hair. Wearing a hat is not a shame, and a well-chosen one will blend in perfectly with the rest of your outfit. In addition, hair does not tolerate extremely hot or cold temperatures very well. It is therefore a good idea to wear a hat, even if the risk of damage to your hair is small. You should also make sure that your hair is well nourished. Any supplements to strengthen your hair are highly recommended. These can be taken in the form of pills, sprays or rinses in the shower

Remember about vitamins and a healthy diet

A balanced diet rich in vitamins, proteins and saturated fatty acids is essential, especially in winter when our organisms have to cope with more pathogens and are exposed to more frequent infections. Remember to eat plenty of vegetables and fruits at least five times a day. Pickled products rich in, among others, vitamin C are also very valuable, so it is worth adding them to the winter menu. All this will translate into positive effects on the condition of our skin, hair and nails

Supplement vitamin D, which acts to a large extent as an antidepressant, improves mood and makes us much less lethargic. In spring and summer it is produced by our bodies, thanks to their exposure to sunlight. In winter this effect is much reduced, therefore it is important to provide this extremely important vitamin in the form of supplements. We can get them practically in every pharmacy. It is also worth paying attention to vitamin D with additions of other valuable components

Take care of your mental comfort and rest

Mental well-being, calmness and skilful time management, which will allow you to balance the time for work and rest, are another important rule for maintaining a healthy and attractive appearance also in winter. If you are looking for a good way to pleasantly spice up long winter evenings, you should visit the erotic store szpilkiwsypialni.pl. A wide range of erotic toys will effectively diversify both evenings for two and alone. Erotic store szpilkiwsypialni.pl is the perfect place for her and for him

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