Do you know what a primer is and how to use it?

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Hybrid manicure is a hit in recent years. However, to make it long-lasting, you need a primer what is it and how to use it?

Women all over the world love hybrid manicure. No wonder, thanks to such styling we can enjoy beautiful nails for several weeks. Nothing chipped, and in addition the nails are harder, so less prone to breakage or splitting. Hybrids have to be properly done to be durable and beautifully presented. For this you undoubtedly need a primer – a product that is the basis when it comes to preparing the plate for manicure

Primer – what is it?

Nail primer is a special liquid, which allows to prepare the nail plate for manicure, usually hybrid, but also titanium, gel or acrylic nails. The purpose of the primer is to degrease the nail plate. This increases the adhesion of polish applied to the plate. In addition, primer minimizes the risk of air bubbles under the polish, so the whole design is much more durable. Many people complain that hybrid nails chip quickly and they do not know what the reason is. In such a situation it is worth to start using a primer.

What are the types of popular “fixer” manicure?

There are two types of primer: acid and non-acid. The first one can be easily recognized by its quite characteristic, intense scent. Such liquid perfectly deacidifies the plate and evaporates quite quickly. This type of “fixer” is perfect for problematic nail plates. It should be kept in mind that this preparation is quite strong and can cause skin irritation around the nail or even a temporary burning sensation

Acid-free primer, on the other hand, is more delicate. It has less irritating smell, and its application is undoubtedly safer. However, you need to know that such liquid does not evaporate, and after application it leaves a sticky layer on the nail plate

How to use a primer?

When preparing the nail plate for a manicure, first shape the nails, then rub them with a polishing block to even out any irregularities. The next step is to wash the nails with a cleaner using a dust-free swab (it’s important that no lint remains on the nail). Then apply a primer – it is important to apply the specifics on the natural nail plate and not to fix it in the lamp. After about a minute – we continue with styling, i.e. in case of a hybrid manicure – apply a base coat, then harden in the UV lamp, then apply polish, harden again, finally put the top coat and put the nails back in the lamp

What is worth knowing about the primer?

Very little primer is applied on the nail – a drop or two is enough. The liquid should be chosen according to the condition of your nails. If you expect a stronger effect – an acid primer will be better. When completing a manicure, the product should only be applied to the natural nail plate.

Remember to close the bottle immediately after using the primer. Why? Well, it can evaporate quickly and have a weaker effect.

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