Lip type and make-up. We tell you how you should paint your lips depending on their shape

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Every one of us dreams of having beautiful, shapely and full lips. Unfortunately, not all of us are lucky enough to have such lips, but there are some tricks, which allow us to emphasize their natural shape. They do not have to be full and big to look beautiful. Check out how to paint your lips depending on their shape

Many women think that only full lips can look attractive. If you have narrow lips, you often don’t want to paint them because you don’t think it makes sense. This is a big mistake! Any shape of lips is beautiful. All you need is the right make-up. Find out how to do it

What are the different types of lips?

Round lips

Round lips are the same width across the entire mouth. How do you paint these lips? It’s very easy! Simply dab some gloss on your lips to optically add volume. It’s no problem if you want a darker color on your lips. But remember to use a lip liner in a shade similar to your lipstick. Thanks to this you can precisely outline the shape of your lips.

Full lips

If you have this lip shape, you’re a lucky girl! Nothing can hold you back. Your lips will look great both with a delicate gloss and with strong, matte lipsticks. But if you opt for a matte lipstick, you need to line your lips carefully with a lip liner, because any imperfections are very noticeable. This season, beige and purple lipsticks are in fashion

Narrow lips

Here you have to work a little harder. Narrow lips look best when they are optically enlarged and when the cupid’s bow is emphasized. Avoid matte lipsticks which make your lips look even narrower. Instead, opt for pink or nude lip glosses, preferably with particles, which have a magnifying effect. Use a lip liner to line your lips or go slightly beyond the contour. Use a darker lip liner to line your lips and a lighter lipstick in the middle

A fuller upper lip

If your upper lip is larger than your lower lip, then your main goal is to even out the proportions of your lips. This is where the lip liner comes in. Run your lip liner beyond the line of your lower lip in such a way that it is the size of the upper one. After applying your lipstick of choice, apply highlighter in the center of your mouth to optically enlarge your lip. Opt for lighter shades and cover your bottom lip with concealer before applying lip liner. This way your natural lip line won’t be so visible. Another trick we can tell you is to use a bronzer under your bottom lip line. What does this do? It will make the lip look fuller, which is exactly what we want.

A fuller lower lip

Those with this lip shape have an almost invisible cupid’s bow. So what do you do? Use a lipliner of course and simply touch it up. Choose a lipliner slightly darker than your natural lip color. Finish off with a subtle satin lipstick or gloss and you’re done!

Heart-shaped lips

Heart-shaped lips have strong contours and a well-defined indentation in the upper lip. Use light beige or brown lipsticks to soften the lines a little. Accentuate your Cupid’s bow with cream or pressed highlighter with a small, fluffy brush.

Wide Lips

If you have wide lips, the most important part of your makeup is to highlight them in the center. This will help you even out the proportion between their length and width. With this type of lips, ombre makeup is advisable. Use two shades of the same color and with the darker one outline your lips and with the lighter one fill in the center. We also recommend any lip enhancing glosses


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