What eye makeup suits girls with fair complexions?

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Eye makeup for fair skin is not a simple matter at all. Colors that are too dark will look theatrical, colors that are too cool will look gray and corpse-like, while colors that are too warm will come out orangey. How do you conjure up a beautiful makeup look that suits your skin type? Here is our advice!

Know your skin tone

Knowing your skin tone is very important. Even light complexions can be warm, cool, pink, or olive. The easiest way to find out is by looking at the color of the veins on your wrist. Blue and purple suggests a cool skin tone, neutral complexions will see a turquoise, blue-green color on the wrist, while warm tones in skin pigmentation make the veins green

By knowing the shade of your light complexion, it will be easier for you to choose the right colors of cosmetics from foundation to eye shadow

Makeup for fair skin – general rules

As a general rule of thumb for fair complexions, make-up should not be too dark or too bold. Light complexions often go hand in hand with blue eyes and red or blonde hair. Make-up artists therefore recommend avoiding eye make-up that is too dark, such as black eyeliner or overly dark eyebrows. This is valuable advice, but it is worth remembering that makeup is not mathematics or physics and these rules are not universal for every girl. Every face is different and you can’t create universal rules for every beauty type. Paint yourself the way it suits your face because makeup is supposed to enhance your beauty and make you more confident. Keep these rules in the back of your mind when applying your makeup, but don’t stick to them rigidly and at all costs. For everyday makeup, products such as eye shadow palettes Maybellinesuch as eye shadow palettes or eyebrow cosmetics.

Eye Makeup for Warm Skin

If you have a warm complexion, warm colors like bronze, orange, gold and copper look best on your eyes. These shades enhance your skin tone. If you have blue or green eyes, oranges and copper will look best on you, while if you have brown or hazel eyes, gold and maroon will look best on you. Avoid grays and cool browns that may look like gray patches on your skin.

Eye Makeup for Neutral Skin Tones

If your skin tone is neutral, you are really lucky. Virtually any color will look good on your skin. From browns to silver and purples to golds and pinks, any shade can look phenomenal on your eyes. Of course, there are exceptions and some colors will still clash with certain beauty types. When it comes to eye color, light irises will still conquer warm shades. When it comes to brown eyes, a combination of cool and warm colors looks best on them, such as green and gold or purple and orange

Eye Make-up for Cool Skin Tones

Cool colors look best on cool skin tones. Greys, blues, navy blues and cold browns are your colors of choice. However, if you have a very fair complexion, avoid very dark, cool colors so that you do not create an under-eye effect. Unfortunately, cool shades are quite difficult to work with on the eyelid, but practice makes perfect!

Makeup is something beautiful. It is a way to express yourself, boost your self-confidence and metamorphose your appearance. Light complexion involves the risk that makeup, which looks good on darker skins, on alabaster complexion will turn out to be too strong. For this reason, some women limit their makeup to coloring their eyelashes. Don’t be afraid of makeup and highlight your porcelain skin with a beautiful smokey eye!


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